What is CARFAX?

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What is a CARFAX Vehicle History Report?

You need a more reliable vehicle, but you don't have the budget for brand-new. While you know you need to get a better used vehicle, you worry about spending a bunch of money on a vehicle that will have problems. You can have peace of mind when you buy used with a CARFAX Vehicle History Report. If you live around Minneapolis, St. Paul, or Stillwater𒅌, you can shop for a used vehicle with Volkswagen of Inver Grove.

CARFAX Explained

CARFAX is a company that provides detailed information on used vehicles. This information is compiled into a report from over 130,000 sources. CARFAX gets its data from motor vehicle agencies in each state, collision repair companies, rental agencies, fire and police departments, and other reliable sources.CARFAX has made its reports available on each model of car and light truck starting with the model year 1981. The information is generated by the vehicle identification number (VIN) that is unique to each vehicle.

What is included in a CARFAX Vehicle History Report?

The report contains detailed information about the vehicle, starting from when it was first sold. The report is divided into sections, beginning with an overview. Here is a look at what you can find in the report:
  • Vehicle Overview: This section gives you the basics about the vehicle, including body style, VIN, make and model as well as the trim and powertrain. It tells the number of owners and whether the vehicle was for personal or commercial purposes.
  • Ownership History: The report goes into more detail about the previous owners, stating how long each person had the vehicle and how many miles they drove each year.
  • Title History: This section is where you will learn if the vehicle has a salvage title or other title that would prevent it from being driven on the road. It lists any flood or fire damage and provides an odometer reading.
  • Additional History: You will find out about any accidents the vehicle has been in or any other damage. This section also lists any outstanding recalls and if the airbags have been deployed at any time. You'll find out the warranty status in this area.
  • Detailed History: In this section, you will see a chronological view of the vehicle, which includes service visits and other details. It may list the Damage Severity Scale, which tells where the damage on the vehicle was located and how severe it was.
When you read through the report, you will learn a lot about any vehicle you are considering buying. It will help you know the value of the vehicle and you can decide if you want to take the next step.Volkswagen of Inver Grove provides a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report with every used vehicle we sell. We want you to feel confident about the vehicle you choose to buy. Take the time to read through the report before you commit to your purchase.

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