Lifetime Tire Rotations


Free Tire Rotations at Volkswagen of Inver Grove

Volkswagen of Inver Grove🅘 is here to help you with your tire rotations to maximize the life and performance of your vehicle. Getting a new vehicle leaves you feeling great with a smooth ride as you drive off of the lot. You may notice that once you have logged a few thousand miles you've lost your amazing turning power, or maybe your acceleration speed isn't as gratifying as it once was. This is likely a symptom of needing your tires rotated, as even brand-new vehicles need to have their tires rotated after a few months in. There are a ton of reasons to rotate your tires on a regular basis, and in addition to our many maintenance services, we also cover tire rotations when you need it.


  • Saves You Money by Extending the Life of Your Tires
  • Ensures Your Tires Are Safe and Wear Evenly
  • Did We Mention It's FREE?

Preventative Care for Your Vehicle

There are many simple reasons to maintain a timely schedule for your tire rotations. At our dealership, we'll rotate your tires regularly so you can:

  • Improve the overall safety of your vehicle
  • Keep an even pattern of wear on your tires
  • Maintain the vehicle's optimal performance
  • Prevent tires from falling out of alignment
  • Extend the life of all four tires
  • Save you the cost of replacing your tires more often

Tire rotations are recommended at every 5,000 to 6,000 miles, or generally every other oil change depending on the condition of your tires. Avoid accidents, unwanted noise, vibrations, and any ride disturbances by having us check the wear on your tires, and to perform a tire rotation if necessary.

The Best Rotation Process for Your Vehicle

Our expert service department💮 at Volkswagen of Inver Grove are well-versed in the arena of tires, whether its alignment, replacement, rotation, and more, we have you covered. There is a set process for tire rotation, and it is dependent on whether your vehicle is all-wheel drive, front or rear-wheel drive, or if there are any unique characteristics to your tires. Our service staff always makes sure that we do the right rotation pattern for your vehicle and tire type, to make sure the wear on the tread continues to be spread evenly.

You can also choose to rotate in your spare tire. It is important that if you want to include your spare tire in a 5-tire rotation, your spare tire is a full-size tire and not a temporary tire, and it is best advised to do so while the tire remains new. When your spare tire is rotated in, one of the previously equipped tires will become your new spare tire.

Tire Services at Volkswagen of Inver Grove

Our dealership proudly offers free lifetime tire rotations on every new or certified pre-owned ꧟vehicle. We can help with nearly all of needs related to your tires which includes alignment, replacement, installation, and rotation. We also have an easily accessible online store that carries most major tire brands. Simply input your vehicle's information or shop by size, and we can easily direct you to the best tires for your vehicle.